5 Benefits of Staff Augmentation

5 Benefits of Staff Augmentation

If you’ve found your way to this post, you’ve probably heard the words “staff augmentation” before. Maybe you’ve began to consider if staff augmentation could benefit your business.


At its most basic level, staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy companies use to staff a specific project for a pre-determined length of time. It starts with an evaluation of current staff levels and then determining what additional skills will help your company meet your business goals. How can staff augmentation work for your business?

Here are just 5 things to consider.


1. Increase Overall Productivity


Have you been noticing signs of burnout with your current staff? If it seems to be spreading, it’s imperative that you do something to help them manage their time and stress levels. Adding talented, short-term employees to lighten the workload of your employees  When your staff is less stressed and working normal hour, productivity will rise.


2. Avoid Project Turnover


Hiring someone in the middle of a huge project is neither effective nor efficient. Not only do you lose production while you’re hiring a replacement, you need to train the new employee to get them up to speed, which could take weeks. By bringing on an augmented staff at the beginning of a project, you will have a dedicated team that understands the scope from the start and will remain on the project through completion.


3. Avoid Paying Costly Benefits


Saving money is always a positive for your business. By working with a workforce solutions company to help you with staff augmentation, you do not have to pay benefits for these additional workers. They remain the employees of the agency providing the services. Your costs are built into the services fees but are still less expensive over time than hiring a permanent employee.


4. Avoid Employee Layoffs


If you’re working on a project basis, you know that the work will end once the project is completed. If you were to hire several new employees to handle this particular project, what happens when there is nothing left for them to do? Layoffs don’t just affect the individuals who are let go from the job, they also affect the morale of your permanent staff as well as your company reputation. Then there’s the financial component of paying for unemployment. With staff augmentation, the agency handles those expenses for you.


5. Better Manage Busy Seasons


By establishing a working relationship with a contingent workforce provider, you can have staff augmentation solutions in place when you need them. You know your busy seasons and can plan for them in advance. When a big project is scheduled to hit, contact your recruiters and put the ball in motion to ensure that you have the right people at the right time.


Do you think staff augmentation can benefit your business? Contact the staffing experts at nFuzion to learn more about our services today.