IT Staffing


At nFUZION, we specialize in pairing the best candidates with the best companies. Our team of information technology recruiters find talented technical professionals and identify opportunities that best suit their skills and experience. For our clients seeking IT staffing, we offer contract, contract to hire, and direct hire solutions.


When a company hires the wrong person, the consequences can be problematic. Restarting the hiring process following an incorrect hire forces a company to far exceed the budget they initially devoted to hiring. A bad hire can also negatively affect the team morale and culture you’ve worked so hard to build, and the additional resources you spend finding the replacement employee can slow production to a crawl.

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Information Technology Recruiters


We’ve been staffing IT professionals for over 10 years. Over that time, we’ve provided businesses with a wide range of IT candidates. Whether your IT needs require software development or business intelligence, we have the experienced and talented professionals ready and eager to help you reach your business goals. To illustrate the broad scope of IT roles we can staff for your business, here is a preview of some of the positions we recruit:

  • Developer (C#, Java, PHP, etc.)
  • Project Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Architect
  • Business Intelligence Developer/Architect
  • Helpdesk and Cable Technicians
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • IT Incident and Problem Manager

IT Professionals


We are always seeking qualified IT professionals.  We offer employee sponsored medical, dental, vision, and 401k plans, paid time off (up to 10 days per year), and we pay our employees weekly.  If you are an IT professional seeking a change, please view our current openings to learn more about the opportunities we have for you!

Employee benefits are an expensive cost that can be eliminated by using nFUZION for your staffing solutions. On average, employee benefits cost 25-30% of employees’ compensation. Using nFUZION’s contract employees in place of independent contractors will also reduce your employment risks.

Many companies drive their internal staff to produce results despite lacking the proper resources to do so. This nasty habit can work for a time, but as your employees’ stress levels increase, problems with quality, output, absenteeism, and turnover will soon follow.

You can relieve your employees of this pressure by using nFUZION staffing solutions. The additional personnel will help your staff avoid burnout, reduce the costs of defects, avoid productivity losses, and limit turnover expenses.

Client Testimonials

“nFuzion has been a trusted and valued partner to Kindred Healthcare’s Information Systems Department for several years.  Their team is comprised of top-notch, high-energy personnel across the board, and they have successfully placed hundreds of skilled IT professionals at Kindred.  They continually hit the mark with extremely qualified candidates, which is why we confidently call on nFuzion for our contingent labor needs, including contractors, contract-to-hire, direct placement and special project teams.”    ~ Vendor Management Executive, Kindred Healthcare

“nFuzion has been a valued partner since 2005 and they have exceeded expectations with regard to their staffing services for several difficult to fill positions.  For example, we needed to fill 4 new clinical roles (RNs) in our facilities in rural areas.  They filled each of these roles with quality candidates in a timely manner, and providing the utmost integrity, care and service to both us and the candidates. We foresee nFuzion remaining a trusted partner for years to come and highly recommend their Healthcare Staffing Services.” ~ Human Resources Executive, Kindred Healthcare

“…nFuzion’s contractor has represented nFuzion with the highest levels of professionalism and has proved to be a solid technical resource.  He has been extremely detailed when it comes to assessment, planning and implementation of any changes here at Joerns.  I would like to share my appreciation for his hard work and accomplishments…” ~ IT Leader, Joern’s RecoverCare
“At Accentf(x), we focus our recruitment efforts on finding skilled and experienced employees that can adapt to the ever-changing environment of the technological workplace.  nFuzion partnered with us to refine our hiring requirements and bring us high caliber candidates that will help us deliver for our clients now and in the future.”  ~ C-level Executive, Accentfx