4 Tips for Overcoming the Talent Shortage in Healthcare

4 Tips for Overcoming the Talent Shortage in Healthcare

For years now, healthcare organizations have been bracing for the impending talent shortage that faces the industry. The generational divide is creating an increase in retirements that is difficult to fill. But the recent and drastic drop in the unemployment rate is accelerating and compounding the impact of the talent shortage, creating a real struggle for healthcare organizations.


Of course, with healthcare employees being a facility’s most essential asset, it’s important that organizations work hard to hire and retain top talent in the field. What are some key factors that can help you better handle the hiring challenges of today and the larger ones on the horizon?


1. Improve Your Employment Brand

As much as you might think branding is for marketing companies and large corporations, it really is something you should focus on for your medical facility. Top talent takes employment brand into account when applying for jobs just as consumers do when making purchases. You want to send the right message to prospective employees by ensuring your brand is consistent and your organization is an attractive place to work.


2. Partner with a Specialized Recruiter

Hiring can be a time-consuming task for healthcare organizations. But there’s good news: you don’t have to do it all alone. By partnering with a recruiter who specializes in healthcare staffing, you can hire top talent while still focusing your time and energy on the day-to-day duties of running your facility. Whether you’re looking for clinical employees or a back-office team, a recruiter can tap into their expanded network and cast a wide net across the medical industry to deliver your organization with the best candidates.


3. Focus on Onboarding and Retention

The hiring process isn’t the only piece of the puzzle that needs your attention. A great way to avoid having to deal with the highly-competitive market for healthcare talent is to drive retention amongst your current staff members. By retaining your current employees, you won’t have to hire as much.


To drive retention, make sure your organization is valuing the long-term success of each team member on your staff. Make sure you regularly check with your employees to ensure they’re happy in their jobs. If they are experiencing a problem at work, you want to address it before they begin to look for a new job. To get your staff off on the right step, create an onboarding program that focuses on the culture of your company.


4. Develop Your Current Staff

Another way to increase your talent pool and even attract new employees is by taking time to develop your current staff. Teaching new skills, offering advancement, and setting career goals can help you retain your current team but also demonstrate your commitment to new employees. It is also often easier to hire for entry-level positions as you promote your team members to more difficult to fill roles.


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