Employee Testimonials


I just want to tell you guys, that it has been a pleasure working with you guys. I really admire your respectability and adroitness. You did deliver everything you promised to me. I wish you all the best and big successes in your endeavors, and please stay in touch.

~ N.B., Development Manager



“Your agency and [Recruiter] went above and beyond to help me in my job search in the Louisville area. He spent an amazing amount of time trying to find the right job for me and fully prepared me to succeed in the interview process. I would highly recommend him to any IT professional I know (and in fact, I already have).  Thank you all for your quality support.”

~ Michael R., Security Engineer & Recipient of our $599 referral bonus



“You helped my friend go from miserable and in deep financial trouble to happier than he was before he lost his old job!!! You folks are awesome!!!!”

–Mike, QA & Recipient of our $599 referral bonus



“You guys ROCK!! Each and every one of you!  Thank you for the fantastic Christmas and Valentine’s gifts, and for sending flowers….!  And yes, all the other (non-nFuzion) contractors are very jealous of nFuzion! (They get nothing!)”

Peggy, RN/EMR Trainer



“Just want to say nFuzion has been one, if not THE, best company I have ever worked for. I have really enjoyed the past two years working for them. It’s been a long time since I have enjoyed working for a company. Although I have only met the office personnel one time, it feels I see them every day. Thank you for giving me a chance to work for such a great company. Hope to be here many more years to come.”

Gary, Cable Technician



“Just want to say ‘thank you’ to all the staff at nFuzion for all they do! Whenever I have had questions about my time, policy, benefits or any other questions or concerns, you all have always responded right away! Everyone is super kind and you guys really take care of us!  nFuzion is one of the best companies I have ever worked for and your customer service is truly outstanding! I highly recommend you guys to anyone looking for employment.  You all go above and beyond!  Many, many thanks!”

–Maggie, Nurse/Patient Advocate



“I like your firm the best of all the recruiting firms for which I have worked. The way your firm reaches out to its staff is very special, and something I enjoyed very much.”

–Rick, DBA/BI Developer 



“Having worked in technology for almost two decades I needed an aggressive company to market my skills for top dollar; nFuzion has gone beyond my expectations. They have benefits that break the status quo with group health, vacation, [etc.]. Near the end of my last contract they had seven serious leads from which to choose in two weeks… It is THE premier company [nFuzion] with which to be associated for my future.”

–Herb, Software Developer/DBA



“I have worked with nFuzion since December of 2005. In this time, I have been very pleased with not only my consulting assignment but the support associates are provided. Having worked with a variety of IT placement organizations as a client, I find nFuzion a breath of fresh air and great to work with.”

–Karl, Project Management/Analyst



“Late last year I was looking to move from Virginia back to my hometown of Louisville. During my search, I ran across many recruiters promising the stars and then setting me up with interviews I was either overqualified for or completely under qualified. When my nFuzion representative called, she took the time to interview me first then looked for a job that fit me; not the other way around. Once she found a position that she thought would be a good fit for me, she set up an interview and met me ahead of time to make sure I was comfortable and prepared. A few days later she called saying that the company was interested and that it would be a contract to hire position. It’s at this point I think she impressed me the most because, unlike other recruiters, she didn’t sugarcoat things. While she did say this was a great opportunity she let me know that being hired by the company was dependant on my performance. Six months ago I was hired, full time, by one of the best and fastest growing technology companies in Louisville.”

–Adam, Implementation Analyst



“After managing my own consulting practice for three years, I decided to enlist the help of nFuzion to allow me to focus on my true passion: software development. I have been with nFuzion for 2 years, and they have been fabulous every step of the way! I see other contractors struggle with their employer relationships, but it’s always smooth sailing for me.  You truly feel like family with nFuzion.”

–Larry, Development Manager



“I love working for nFuzion. At nFuzion, I feel like I am part of a family and not just a number. It’s not about what you can do for the company, but more like what can nFuzion do for you. The people at nFuzion are great, always welcoming, and so supportive. I truly enjoy working for nFuzion. It’s the personal touch that makes the difference.”

–Sherry, Project Manager