Software Engineers: Expected Salary Levels in 2018

Software Engineers: Expected Salary Levels In 2018

Software engineers are always in high demand. And depending on your education and experience levels, you may be able to make a great salary with this career choice for your future. But what are the expected salary levels for the rest of 2018 and what can you do to make sure you’re earning top dollar […]

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Hiring Mistakes IT Managers Make and How to Avoid Them

Hiring is a difficult decision for any department. There are a lot of pieces that have to fall into place when it comes to selecting IT talent from a pool of qualified candidates. The truth is, not every decision is going to be perfect and while managers hope for the best, the worst can happen [...]

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Don’t Miss Out on Top Candidates

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’ll know it when I see it,” in terms of the perfect person for an IT role? This simple phrase can be a hiring manager’s worse enemy when it comes to selecting their next employee. For high-demand, high-skill roles, waiting for something better to come around often means letting [...]

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5 of the Hottest Skills in IT in 2019

Information technology is an exciting and ever-evolving field. What was a hot skill to have just a few years ago can be majorly out of date today. With huge advancements in artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the industry is shifting again. So what are the hottest skills in IT this year? If you want to [...]

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