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Helping You Realize Your Application Development Vision

Application development can be an intimidating thought. In most cases, you’ll find it necessary to hire outside resources as the scope and bandwidth of app development can be much larger than you anticipate. It’s imperative that you find a team with targeted expertise and experience in order to support the whole process, from early research to design and all the way through launch.

Whether you come equipped with simply an idea or you have a project manager and are ready for design, the team at nFuzion can help you make it a manageable, organized process.

nFuzion was founded almost two decades ago, specializing in IT services and application development at its inception. Our dedicated app development team has a collective 40 plus years’ experience and has worked with technologies such as: Apple, Android, Java, Php, MySQL, Microsoft and more!

We’ve worked with many companies over the years in the development of their application ideas (mobile, web and software) and we have the extensive experience required to deliver an application you can be proud of.

It is extremely important to hire the right development team for the application you want to build. Despite a saturated market of application developers, we’ve had many clients referred to us after losing time and money working with a company that didn’t have their best interest in mind. In truth, that’s why most apps either never get off the ground or fail if they do. You need a solid strategy and committed implementation and nFuzion can do that for you. Your success is our own and that’s why we have so many happy clients.

Our goal is always to create what you need, so we can determine whether an hourly rate or fixed-fee model is best for you. You’ll always be in control and will own any proprietary data that is created by our partnership. Never work with anyone who wants to control your data and get that in writing.

We’ve developed a best-in-class process that starts off by creating a strategy for communication and that will thoroughly assess expectations, targeted research, timeline, budget, scope and scalability. Working with us is a strategic partnership built on transparency, dedication to quality and a commitment to your vision.

When you’re ready to partner on your next app, contact us and we’ll help you turn a simple idea into a stunning reality.



A Tradition of Success

After many years of success as both community leaders and entrepreneurs, the founders of nFuzion decided that they were ready to add niche recruitment to their offerings and provide workforce solutions that were truly different than the rest.

As experienced professionals in the IT, healthcare and financial industries, they had a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table. We are extremely proud of the people we’ve served - from local businesses to Fortune 500 conglomerates … every placement matters.