Although locally-owned and operated, nFuzion partners with businesses across the country. As the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the world, working with businesses nationwide provides us with several unique challenges in these unprecedented times.

First, and early on, we assembled an internal team at nFuzion to track the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We understand that our clients are concerned with how this virus will affect their business and workforce while our employees have concerns surrounding their finances and their health. We are taking this situation and everyone’s needs very seriously.

Management is tirelessly pursuing up-to-the minute national and local news in order to ensure communication and to protect our employees, families and clients. We are in daily contact with the businesses that we partner with and will continue to monitor the virus and it’s progression and update this page with any new information.

We are making decisions with each business individually and, as of right now, our contract employees should follow the company protocol where they are placed, unless otherwise directed.

We are following local health department recommendations in Jeffersonville, Indiana for our corporate office.

You and your family’s safety will continue to be our top priority. Please watch this page for future updates and, as always, we are grateful for your diligent service. We’ll all get through this together. Take care of yourselves!

******nFuzion is a locally-owned and operated staffing company specializing in IT, Healthcare and Financial recruitment in Jeffersonville, IN. We serve both local and nationwide clients. *****

For more information on the Coronavirus news, precautions and symptoms, we’ve included helpful links for your convenience.

  1. Follow all safety guidelines as set by the CDC. This includes consistent handwashing, wearing a mask/gloves when in public and using hand sanitizer when available. Visit this link for in-depth preparation information.
  2. Follow all social distancing protocols when possible.
  3. If you are sick, please self-quarantine and call your local health department or hospital if you are experiencing the following symptoms: Headache, high fever, chills/aches, coughing, sneezing, flu-like symptoms, etc. For more information on symptoms, visit this link.
  4. CDC Website for immediate updates on cases/locations.
  5. Clark County, IN Health Department
  6. Louisville, KY Health Department
  7. Virginia Health Dept
  8. Coronavirus Full Overview