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A Gateway To Effective IT Recruitment Solutions

  • On average, it can take 60 days or more to fill an open IT position and even longer for highly specialized positions
  • In the IT field, it's estimated that only 40% of applicants are actually qualified for the job they are applying for
  • Each open IT position can cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity, work and revenue. The longer it's open, the more it costs
it recruitment

According to the department of labor and statistics, some positions in the IT field are growing as much as an unprecedented 21% per year! It's important to take advantage of that type of growth. nFuzion was created to help your business keep recruitment and hiring a strategic priority.

nFuzion started out as an IT solutions company, as our dedication to innovation and growth was well-matched for the field. Over the last two decades, we've worked to identify processes to source and recruit top IT candidates that has enabled our clients to enjoy a 92% retention rate in those positions filled by our team.

We spend the time to get every hire right so that you can consistently meet your technology and business objectives in both productivity and revenue.

Our goal is always to get positions filled quickly but, most importantly, it's to hire the right person for your team. We use our own proprietary software to source and build relationships with top IT talent and then match candidates that will complement your company's unique mission, culture and skill needs.

Communication, a dedication to quality and a willingness to always go above and beyond has been our key to continued success. We'll never be a cookie-cutter staffing firm and that's just fine with us.

Contact us if you have an open IT position and want a risk-free opportunity to see why we consistently offer the top talent in IT recruitment. You can also learn more about nFuzion and why we have some of the highest retention rates in the business!




After many years of success as both community leaders and entrepreneurs, the founders of nFuzion decided that they were ready to add niche recruitment to their offerings and provide workforce solutions that were truly different than the rest.

As experienced professionals in the IT, healthcare and financial industries, they had a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table. We are extremely proud of the people we’ve served- from local businesses to Fortune 500 conglomerates … every placement matters.