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  • Turnover in the healthcare field has increased to over 17% in the last few years, higher than it's been in decades.
  • nFuzion sources the top 15% of talent for hospitals, telemedicine, diagnostics, biotech and HEDIS
  • If you have critical staffing needs due to the Coronavirus pandemic, call us for special discounts and priority

The healthcare field has experienced exponential growth over the last several decades and the demand for quality hires is expected to increase by over 28% in the next four years.

HR departments in healthcare estimate that sourcing, screening and onboarding employees takes up to 40% of their time, yet turnover in the field is at it's highest levels. That means a lot of time and resources wasted.

Hiring the right candidates (the first time) that share your mission, company values and culture is key to meeting long-term staffing goals by reducing turnover and minimizing patient care gaps.

nFuzion was created to help you meet demand in your workforce so that you can concentrate on what truly matters, quality patient care. Utilizing our services means risk-free hiring. It doesn't cost anything to have the top 15% of candidates sourced for you.

Our recruiting team is here for every need, from temporary to contract to permanent placements. We also support large healthcare contracts and workforce placement of HEDIS and open enrollment employees within the healthcare industry.

Contact us today for more information. If you have a critical staffing need due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we'll provide you with priority support and discounted rates.

You can also learn more about nFuzion and why we have some of the highest retention rates in the business!




After many years of success as both community leaders and entrepreneurs, the founders of nFuzion decided that they were ready to add niche recruitment to their offerings and provide workforce solutions that were truly different than the rest.

As experienced professionals in the IT, healthcare and financial industries, they had a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table. We are extremely proud of the people we’ve served- from local businesses to Fortune 500 conglomerates … every placement matters.