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With over 20 years of dedicated experience, nFuzion can effectively manage all of your financial recruitment needs!

From entry-level to controller and client services to back office, we've been sourcing and creating relationships with the top 15% of talent in finance in order to quickly present our clients with the most promising talent.

Our proven method of success in financial recruitment and staffing is due to our work in creating ongoing relationships with the top talent in financial industries, but also in sourcing and placing candidates according to a future goals. We want to ensure you get candidates with the hard and soft skills that will help you leverage your goals now- and in the future.

From financial administrative support staff to financial advisors, we've got you covered. We've been successfully recruiting and placing candidates in financing, banking, fintech, blockchain, regulatory, compliance, security and more.


The nFuzion team is different due to our dedication to transparency and service. Our competitors are focused on getting any placement in the business as that's when they get paid. Our focus on quality and long-term partnerships are what set us apart.

We are dedicated to find the right fit for you by analyzing your mission, values, goals and culture. Learning that information and using it to recruit, as well as utilizing a proprietary software that we developed to source and maintain candidates, is where we shine above the rest.

See the nFuzion difference. You can contact us if you have an opening or would like to learn more and we'll get right back with you. You can also learn more about nFuzion and why we have some of the highest retention rates in the business!




After many years of success as both community leaders and entrepreneurs, the founders of nFuzion decided that they were ready to add niche recruitment to their offerings and provide workforce solutions that were truly different than the rest.

As experienced professionals in the IT, healthcare and financial industries, they had a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table. We are extremely proud of the people we’ve served- from local businesses to Fortune 500 conglomerates … every placement matters.