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Frequently Asked Questions for Staffing and Recruitment

What kinds of staffing do you provide?
We source and recruit the very talent all over the country for positions in IT, Healthcare, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Admin, Call Center and more!
What kind of assignments do you hire for?
While a good portion of our clients are looking for permanent candidates, we also have extensive experience and work in temporary staffing, temp-to-perm and contract. We also work with clients on recruitment and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services.
Do you offer any type of benefits?
Yes, nFuzion is proud to offer all of our employees, contract to temp, a benefit package that meets or exceeds the minimum requirement by law!
Do you charge candidates for jobs?
We will never charge our candidates. If a staffing or recruitment agency charges you to find you a job or mentions that they will take a portion of the salary for a job they helped you to get, we recommend that you find another agency to work with. Reputable agencies with good, quality practices will negotiate a pre-determined rate to work with businesses that are hiring. The client, or the businesses that we work with who are looking for candidates, is who is responsible for fees. Never the candidates.
I want to change my current staffing provider. How should I go about doing that?
Simply give us a call and we'd be happy to help you to transition over from another agency via a personalized 30-day exit strategy. Our team will ensure that the change is easy and as least disruptive as possible.