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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn all about nFuzion’s service offerings, including staffing and recruitment, database administration, and application development. Have a question that’s not answered here? Contact us!


nFuzion is a nationwide, niche recruitment firm, specializing in finding exact-fit placements in finance, IT, healthcare, admin and engineering.

Our Mission:
NFUZION fosters an entrepreneurial, positive culture where innovative ideas are always encouraged and welcomed.
nFuzion is dedicated to professional growth and advocacy, diversity and ethics in staffing and recruitment.
We stand by our word, work and promises.
We set goals and reach for the impossible.
We are dedicated to education, growth and surpassing expectations.
We believe that everyone deserves a chance to create the career and professional life they dream of, so it’s our job to help create opportunities for success for the people and businesses we work with.

nFuzion sources and recruits the top 15% of talent all over the country for positions in Information Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Admin, and more! We find enthusiastic and tenacious individuals with a history of dedication to their craft to help businesses succeed.

While most of the work we hire for is permanent placement, we also partner with businesses to find temporary, contract, and temp-to-perm to meet their business needs.

We also provide RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) and HR consulting services for businesses who need to meet strategic priorities in the areas of recruitment and human resources.

Yes, definitely. There are some great advantages to working temporary or contract work! Not only do you get an opportunity to ‘test drive’ different companies and positions, but you also get a foot in the door when there wouldn’t have potentially been a way to do so otherwise. At the very least, it’s a steady job (with an expected timeline) and an opportunity to increase and/or maintain your skill sets.

**(True story of an nFuzion employee) I actually got my start to a 12-year career in Human Resources through a two-week temporary job contract. They needed someone to create an employee handbook. I started the job, loved it and tried to produce the best work possible. They asked if I would be willing to extend the job another two weeks and I agreed. A month later, I was hired to the company full-time as an administrative assistant. Then, within 3 months, I got a promotion to HR Assistant. Then, a promotion to HR Manager and then HR Director within a year. I ended up working for them for almost 7 years, all from a 2 week temporary job that wasn’t posted anywhere nor planned to be long-term. With a little hard work and dedication, even a temporary position can turn into something you never imagined!” **

In addition to extremely competitive pay, nFuzion is proud to offer all of our employees (from contract to temp) a benefit package that meets or exceeds the minimum requirement by law, including paid time off, medical, dental, and more. Permanent placement candidates would be eligible for benefits at the hiring company and per their company policy.

We will NEVER charge a candidate for a job opportunity- no exceptions.

If a staffing or recruitment agency attempts to charge you to apply for a position, we recommend that you find another agency (company) to work with. Reputable agencies that operate with transparency and quality will not charge the employee, they will negotiate a predetermined rate with the hiring business to cover recruitment costs. Speaking of reputable, when speaking with a recruitment agency, make sure to ask if the job they are inquiring about is a position that they actually have open and are hiring for at the instruction of their client.

The complete lack of communication when applying for some positions is frustrating to us ALL! So that’s something that we ask of our clients. We try to get as much information as possible so that our candidates can always understand where they are in the hiring process and feedback on where they can improve. (Remember, though, feedback is always objective).

Candidates report that the flexibility and the support they receive from us as two leading factors when deciding to work with our agency. Our goal is always to help our candidates and employees to develop their professional skills so, when applying with us, our talented recruiters will walk you through each stage of the interview and onboarding process, from helping you with your resume to interview skills. Even if a candidate is hired permanently, our team is still here for support and to help with any ongoing employment needs. nFuzion offers transparency and communication to what can be a very overwhelming process.

Also, since we only hire for positions that are currently open and requested by a company, we’ve got an active line of communication with the hiring manager. Working with us means that your resume will get reviewed, rather than being one of hundreds of resumes that are submitted to a job posting and (fingers crossed) hoping your resume gets a few seconds of attention.

Absolutely not. We never want our candidates to feel obligated to accept a position. We bring jobs to candidates in hopes that it will be a great fit, but that’s not everything. For whatever reason, the job may not work for you, and that’s okay! Please be open and honest about your thoughts and express any sentiments with your recruiter so that we can continuously optimize the jobs that are offered to you. If you get to a placement and decide that the job’s not for you, please reach out to us. We’ll get a replacement for you as quickly as possible and work on finding your next opportunity.

We want you to be happy with your placement, to love it, even.


We take great pride in our ability to find the best candidates according to their goals (and yours). We understand the pitfalls of hiring, such as how time-intensive it is and how much a bad hire truly costs so we endeavor to take the risk out of recruitment so that businesses can focus on what matters. Our recruiters are all required to have extensive experience and maintain favorable retention levels. Junior recruiters help with screening and new hire onboarding while training with a recruiter until they have the required experience to manage client hiring on their own.

Rest assured, when you work with nFuzion, you are getting seasoned recruiters passionate about finding the right fit to help fill your open positions ... and that makes all the difference.

Simply give us a call and we'd be happy to help you to transition over from another agency via a personalized 30-day exit strategy. Our team will ensure that the change is as least disruptive as possible while keeping up with your recruitment needs.

The two terms are usually interchangeable. However, it can be assumed that in some cases, a staffing agency will handle high-volume staffing (meaning clerical, call centers, manufacturing and other industries where they need a lot of people pretty frequently). Recruitment firms, like nFuzion, will usually handle single, salaried positions.

Depending on your experience and the type of job you are looking for, don’t worry about the ‘type’ of agency. What’s important is to ask the agency that reaches out to you (or vice versa) about their experience, the types of roles they normally recruit for and how their process works. Make sure they do what they promise. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask for answers and don’t feel obligated to accept an assignment or a job that doesn’t feel right. (Remember, you should never pay for recruitment services as a candidate).

It’s the ‘run-of-the-mill’ staffing agency that gives the entire industry a bad name. They continuously look for warm bodies to fill positions and make their numbers, never caring if it’s a legitimately good fit. We all know what the typical staffing agency is about, which is why there’s such a stigma about working with an agency.

We knew what we were up against when we started nFuzion, but we were and continue to be determined to disrupt the field with superior recruiting and tech and genuine, personal service.

nFuzion is a niche, outbound recruiter. That means that we reach out to all types of candidates, all over the country, who are the best at what they do. We form and maintain relationships with career rockstars and we are always on the lookout for their ideal job. We also have a proprietary app that helps us to automatically populate the top 15% of candidates in a certain area and with specified parameters. We can find those candidates that aren’t necessarily applying for open positions but who are willing to consider a change under the right circumstances. So we get a broader range of candidates who aren’t readily available through conventional job postings.

There is never a charge until we find a candidate that you want to hire. At that point, the fees depend on several factors, such as salary and job designation (F/T, P/T, Temp, etc). We’ve always priced our services as highly competitive combined with the quality we’re known for.

nFuzion found a niche in the hard-to-recruit-for positions, such as in Information Technology, Engineering, Medical, Dental, Finance, and more. We understand that a ‘bad hire’ in those areas can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars. We also understand that recruiting (especially for a more niched position) can take up to 40% of your HR and/or Recruiter’s time, which is time better spent doing payroll, unemployment, employee benefits and more.

Not to mention, our services come with a guarantee. Even the most seasoned HR Directors struggle with recruitment, as it’s such a highly specialized niche of HR and most don’t get the same level of exposure to increase skills. Our in-house recruiters come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, but they all have 10+ years of minimum experience in niche recruitment. They have consistently demonstrated the ability to successfully recruit from the Top 15% of candidates and to maintain retention rates over 90%. For the cost and time, we can provide a better value in your recruitment department while your HR takes care of all the other pertinent and equally necessary work.


Database administration is the function of managing and maintaining database management systems (or DBMS). These systems include software such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL servers and IBM DB2. Businesses can hire a DBA, or a specialized IT professional to manage a businesses data.

Having a successful business hinges on having good data. Your company information must be maintained in order for your business to be able to adequately gather, collate and analyze it for use. Utilizing a remote database administrator means knowing that your data is safe, optimized and accessible at all times, without the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Depending on the size of your business, most medium to small companies have no need for more than a part-time DBA. That’s where we come in.

nFuzion, located in Jeffersonville, IN and Louisville, KY, offers remote DBA services for businesses all over the country. After years of competent and consistent services, businesses feel safe when we are in charge of their data and that has led to many long-term relationships with reputable companies large and small across the nation.

Technology is our passion. We started in tech (DBA, App dev, IOT and more) over 10 years ago to help businesses maintain a competitive edge in their field.

Our goal is to manage and protect your data and to give you leverage over your information. Our advanced DBA practices promote peace of mind and ensure that your data works for you.

Our experienced database administrators understand that businesses will have after-hours needs so we are on-call 24/7 and 365 days a year for any questions, concerns or emergencies.

We’ve got you and your business covered with completely customizable service plans that work for you.

We understand that a loss of data and/or data integrity can be detrimental to success so our experienced DBA’s are here to provide quick turnarounds and unquestionable quality to ensure that your business data is always working for you.

Every business is different and because data systems vary, we offer fully customizable packages so that you only pay for what you need and when you need it. Some businesses need just a few hours per month of DBA services and some need a few hours per day.

Why sign on for tiered services that you don’t need or fully use? With nFuzion, you only pay for what you need to keep your data organized and secure. If you need a service you haven’t utilized with us, you’ll simply pay for that service for the duration of your need. It’s that easy.

nFuzion is proud to offer our partners the following DBA services, offered in tiers, as needed or a la carte packages:

  • Comprehensive, 24/7/365 Database Monitoring and Support
  • Recovery and Backup
  • Incidents and Troubleshooting
  • Service Requests
  • Database Upgrades
  • Database Migrations
  • Database Install and Creation
  • Complex Issues and Support
  • Schemas, Indexes, Tables, etc.
  • Database bugs and patching resolution
  • Proactive work: Database Cleaning, Refresh, Clone, etc
  • Root Cause Analysis on recurring DBA issues
  • Database Security and Compliance
  • Scalability Assistance
  • And More!